Video Archives

6/19/2022 Gen 26 Father’s Day 2022

6/12/2022 Gen. 25 Jacob & Esau

6/5/2022 Pentecost 2022

5/27/2022 Gen 24 New Beginnings

5/22/2022 Gen. 23 Fulfilled Purpose

5/15/2022 The Sacrifice

5/8/2022 Mother’s Day Two Mothers

4/22/2022 Gen. 6:1-8 Abraham’s Faith

4/17/2022 Easter: The Death of Fear

4/10/22 Palm Sunday The Entries of Jesus

4/3/2022 Dr. Rob Rhoden

3/27/22 A Future and A Hope Dan Painter

3/20/22 Gen. 21:8-21 Living with Consequences

3/13/22 Prayer Meeting Service

3/6/22 Promise Fulfilled Gen 21:1-7

2/27/22 Repetitive Sin Gen 20

2/20/22 New Year New You Series – The Healthy Life

2/6/2022 New Year New You Series – Healthy Soul

1/30/22 Light for the Lost Sunday with Rev. Bobby Basham

1/23/22 New Year-New You Series: The Healthy Believer

1/16/22 New Year-New You Series: Healthy Mind

1/9/22 Understanding Jesus’ Authority

1/2/22 Spiritual Change

12/26/21 New Year /New You Series Introduction

12 19/21 Christmas Program

Please take a look at this video that shows the importance of the church in our history.

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